For three generations we have been working our vineyard to bring you the best in Champagne.

Brut Rose: 1st Vintage

This vintage is made of fantasy and originality. The champagne rose wine offers new aromas and color on your table.

Brut Reserve: 1st Vintage

This assembling of old wines will catch your attention. A "BRUT" but smooth wine never the less. Also exists in magnum Brut Rose: 1st Vintage

Brut: 1st Vintage

This vintage is mainly served as an aperitif and during social events. It should be served at any time between friends.

Extra Dry: 1st Vintage

Same quality as the "BRUT", but slightly sweeter, it will please the most sensitive palates. Ardent wine but not aggressive.

Half - Dry : 1st Vintage

This champagne wine will go with your desserts. For other occasions, it will also please those who prefer sweeter wines.

"Special Club"

Click here to read about the fabulous 51500 Special Club Champagne

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