"Club Des Viticulteurs Champenois"
"51500 Special Club"

Since 1972, a group of wine-growers, representing the most famous vintages of the Champagne region decided to draw more attention to the originality of champagne wines through the making of prestigious vintages.
Therefore, they gathered and founded the

The criteria for joining are strict. This Club only accepts in its association a limited number of Champagne producers (about forty).

Only during the great vintages years, these wine-growers produce exceptional vintages called "SPECIAL CLUB". These are sold after more than 3 years of aging in an original bottle designed according to remote forms.
Each member of the Club - or Clubman - develops his own "SPECIAL CLUB" vintage, using the harvest of his domain and respecting rigorous criteria.

The Hervieux-Dumez Champagne offers to you an harmonious assembling of 3 vines coming from its best Champagne hillsides; the Chardonnay vine for its delicacy, the Pinot Noir for its fruitiness and the Pinot Meunier for it's smoothness

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