Henri Hervieux
acy, is a wine producing village nestled in the mountain of Reims, a few miles from the City of Coronations. This small village was among the properties of the monks of Saint Remi from the IXth century.

For generations, our wine growing ancestors have been cultivating the vines and harvesting grapes for the monks who produced red wines.

It is only years after, at the end of the XVIIth century, that Dom Perignon, monk of the Hautvillers Abbey, mastered the production of bubbles within bottles, which turned the champagne wine into an effervescent drink.


Vestiges of these remote times still live in our cellars where you can discover mentions of dates engraved in the stone, some of which go back to the XVIIIth century. At that time, all the cellars of Sacy were linked together and formed a net of underground galleries; it is said that anyone could walk around the whole village using these paths. For three generations we have been working our vineyard, which is spread over 9 hectares (24 acres), and we perform all the usual stages of the production: fruit pressing, vinification... marketing. Now lets look at the wines


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